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Polymer Connect-2024 brings together industry achievers and emerging talents, fostering innovation and inspiration in a symphony of ideas. Join us for an enriching experience where every participant contributes to the melody of progress.


Join us for the 5th International Conference on Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering in Athens, Greece, from October 23-25, 2024, featuring keynote speeches, poster sessions, workshops, and specialized sessions, fostering innovation and collaboration in polymer science and engineering.

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Polymer Connect- 2024

We are thrilled to unveil the dates for the 5th International Conference on Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering, taking place from October 23rd to 25th, 2024. This conference aims to enhance your academic and professional expertise by delving into cutting-edge technologies in polymer science. Both industry professionals and academic experts are invited to contribute through oral presentations, posters, workshops, and exhibitions. The conference will address a wide array of themes, including the characterization of synthetic and natural polymers, polymers in chemistry, polymer hybrids, nanocomposites, polymer biomaterials, polymers in tissue engineering, polymers for human health, biomedical and biodegradable polymers, polymer recycling and re-use, polymers for the environment, functional polymers, polymers in energy, and more. This multidisciplinary event brings together professionals from diverse sectors of the Polymer and Material Science services, covering commercial, technical, corporate, operations, and planning aspects. It provides a unique platform for participants from the global Polymers and Chemical industry to conduct demonstrations, share information, meet current and potential clients, and showcase new product lines.

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Computational Modeling & Simulation of Polymeric Materials

Advances in Polymer Synthesis and Characterization

Polymer Processing and Manufacturing

Polymer Nanotechnology

Polymer Recycling and Sustainability

Polymer-Based Advanced Technologies

Polymer Engineering for Biomedical Applications

Polymers for Energy Storage and Conversion

Polymer Mechanics and Materials Behaviour

Smart Polymers and Stimuli-responsive Materials

Advances in Polymer Composites and Colloids Research

Polymer for Electronics and Flexible Devices

Polymer Materials for Separation and Purification Processes

Emerging Trends in Polymer Science

Polymers in Food Industry

Advanced Polymer Materials Research

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Petr Spatenka
Petr Spatenka
Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Eri Yoshida
Eri Yoshida
Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
Romain Lucas-Roper
Romain Lucas-Roper
IRCER, France
Stewart P. Lewis
Stewart P. Lewis
Pyramid Polymers, LLC, United States
Alexey Iordanskii
Alexey Iordanskii
Semenov Research Center of Chemical Physics, Russian Federation
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Polymer Connect-2024

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Polymer Connect-2024

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