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Annual leading Polymer Connect conference’s National and International committee welcome delegates across the globe to join the international conference on Polymer Science and Composite Materials conference. Polymer connect has been scheduled to take place in Lisbon, Portugal (SANA Malhoa Hotel) during February 26-28, 2020. The Location, dates, and venue of the conference have been decided after a tough and thorough review of all the possibilities. We hope you will really appreciate the selection of date and venue.

Polymer Science Conference is a scientific house and is designed by considering all the scientific aspects. The conference was well established by the National Committee, International Committee, plenary and keynote speakers, Featured speakers from academia, Industry/companies, societies, students and delegates. Prof. Geoffrey Robert Mitchell is leading the conference and acting as chairman for the conference.

Polymer Connect Proffers an extremely good opportunity for all the participants across the globe. Polymer Science physically creates a platform for all the experts, scientists, Academicians, Lab Experts, Industry people, and Young Researchers to meet at one place so as to share knowledge, Ideas, opportunities, and opinions. Knowledge transfer will be done through oral presentations, Poster Presentations, workshops, and discussions...

All the topics have been designed by the national committee team lead by Prof. Geoffrey Robert Mitchell and the topics and sessions have been designed in such a way that all the attendees of the conference will be able to learn the things at the finest and deepest. A special session is being planned to feature the Industry delegates and the students providing an opportunity for the students for marketing. All the selected original articles will be published in Taylor and Francis’s International Journal of Bioplastics.

Apart from these, polymer connect designs an opportunity to make new international collaborations. All the delegates and industry clients will have an opportunity to meet and make new contacts with people and associations which will enhance their product standard.

Official Language

The official Language of the conference is English. Translation and interpreting services will not be available.


The submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed, accepted and registered abstracts will be published into supporting journals only after presentation during the conference, which will be sent for major indexing, such as Google Scholar and SCOPUS, etc.


February weather is slightly warmer in Lisbon. The average temperature is slightly higher, now reaching as high as 15°C, and dips down to a low of 8°C. The highest recorded temperature for February in Lisbon during the past 30 years of records was 24°C, and the lowest temperature every recorded was close to 0°C.

Dress Code

We encourage participants to dress comfortably in business casual attire. Meeting room temperatures may vary, so wear layered clothing to ensure your personal comfort.

Special Instructions

Please arrive at the conference room at least 30 minutes before your session begins. There may be changes to the conference program, for which participants will be notified in a timely manner. There is free Wi-Fi in the conference room. Electrical outlets will not be available for use due to safety reasons. As a courtesy to speakers and other participants, mobile phones must be turned to silent before entering the sessions. The event will be photographed. If you are taking photos, please turn off your flash. The distribution of advertising messages in any form is strictly prohibited, except for exhibitors/sponsors.

Polymer Connect Welcomes you to Lisbon, Portugal...!!!

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